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Issara Willenskomer from UX in Motion stops by the podcast to chat about the exciting possibilities of UX design for animators.

From the website of school of motion

Our industry is expanding like gangbusters, and one area that seems to be exploding with new opportunities is the world of motion for UX, or user experience. Companies like Facebook, Google, and Amazon are betting BIG on the power of animation to help their users have a better, more thoughtful experience with their products. And when they need to train their UX designers to understand the principles of motion… they call Issara Willenskomer.

Issara runs UXinmotion.com a site that focuses on the animation for user experience, a niche that is growing very rapidly and offers some incredible career opportunities for animators. He’s become a leading expert on the subject, and has an incredible talent for articulating the principles behind good UX. In this interview you’ll learn about mental models, skeumorphism, and about the companies and jobs that are out there for motion designers who are looking to use their skills on the cutting edge of product development….

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